Gilad - Success Oriented Professionalism

Since its establishment over 19 years ago, Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying is one of the first lobbying companies in Israel. As such, Gilad leads the lobbying market in Israel, achieving significant results in the lobbying field, through managing projects with professionalism, transparency and deep commitment to the ethical code.


Gilad took part in significant successes of its Clients, major Israeli democracy developments, substantial and important regulatory changes and policy setting of many Israeli public and social life issues.
Gilad offers a full wide spectrum of lobbying, government relations, strategic consultancy, and crisis management services.


Gilad's clientele includes a wide range of leading firms and organizations of many different fields.
Gilad's staff cultivates a complex and stable acquaintances network with all government branches in Israel, especially in the Knesset and its committees.


We at Gilad act on a deep vision of commitment to the proper balance between public needs, political activity and our clients' business and social interests.

Gilad's operation is forthright and transparent, professional and fair with no compromise, subject to the lobbying law and committed to the ethical code.

We believe the way to success lies in utilizing our staff's full professional potential for the benefit of the client. Working on each case involves regular brainstorming, using both the dedicated team handling the case and parallel teams, all converge together for a thorough exploration of all possible courses of action. This mutual fertilization brings on original thinking using the years of experience and specialization of each team member. The teamwork results in bottom line - success in achieving the goals and fulfilling objectives set by the client.

For us, lobbying is an important component of the democratic mechanism. We work every day to improve the business, social and public environment, that impacts life in Israel and we do it in the most significant arena in which decisions affecting our future are being made.