Lotem Bachar, Lobbyist

Areas of expertise: healthcare, welfare, education, NGOs with social missions

Atty. Lotam Bachar joined Gilad In 2013.

Lotem works with business clients and clients from the third sector in their dealings with decision-makers in the Knesset and the government. She participates in public processes in the parliamentary arena and maintains close relations with office-holders in the relevant government ministries.


Lotem hold and LL.B. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

In the past, she worked as a business attorney in the law firm of Banai, Azrieli, & Stern, which specializes in corporate law. Prior to that, she interned in the same field with Yossi Avraham and Partners. Lotem was a member of the Foreign Ministry’s delegation to the Second Human Rights Conference, which took place in 2009 in Geneva.