Work Methodology – The Way We Operate

Gilad's lobbying project is managed in an organized and methodological fashion by professionals experienced in the specific professional discipline in which the firm operates. These are experienced informants and lobbyists operating with decision makers in the government branches.

All professional decisions and measures taken with external factors are completely accessible to the client. Project management is done by an experienced project manager and all communication is directed through one factor in the firm, who provides continuous and full update on the project's progress.

Each project's work methodology is based on a previously proven structured process that includes educating the client regarding the dilemmas their facing, formulating goals together, analyzing the political arena and opportunities for change, setting schedules and success measures through continual and close monitoring of the process's progress.



 The Golden Triangle 

We in Gilad believe that success lies in identifying the values ​​and advantages gained with each course of action by the relevant factors involved. To this end we've developed the "Golden Triangle Model" that explores the existence of three major interests: the public, economical and political. Identifying these interests and displaying them in the most transparent and professional manner to the relevant stakeholders is a most challenging task that requires a profound mapping process of processes and key factors. Correct and accurate implementation of the "Golden Triangle Model" is the basis for success in all lobbying and government relations operations in which we are engaged.