About Us

Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying Ltd. was set up in 1997, and is one of Israel's oldest and leading lobbying firms, specializing in providing strategic advice in the governance arena. In this framework, the company offers a full spectrum of services.
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What is Lobbying to Us

"The vision of creating open communication between society and business arenas to the elected legislators' seat, while aspiring to initiate a professional and ethical dialogue between these worlds, brought me to found Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying in 1997."
By: Amir Gilad, company founder.
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Our Services

  • Strategic Consultancy

    Analyzing goals and ways of operation and providing long term strategic planning to companies and business and social bodies.

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  • Lobbying

    Promoting the client's causes in the government and Knesset. Raising support among decision makers for defined and measured goals.

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  • Government Relations

    Developing a long term relationship between the client and decision makers in the government and Knesset.

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