Gilad - Success Oriented Professionalism

Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying Ltd. was established in 1997, and is one of Israel's oldest and leading lobbying firms, specializing in providing strategic advice in the governance arena.  In this framework, the company offers a full spectrum of services, including:

lobbying services, government relations, crisis management and business entrepreneurship for leading companies and organizations, as well as international corporations.

Gilad represents clients from a wide range of fields, including industry and commerce, banking and finance, pharma, energy and environment, media, education and higher education, transport, agriculture, and public organizations.

Gilad plays a part in the successes of its clients in central processes of Israeli democracy, that find expression in important legislative changes and in its involvement in determining policy.  All this is based on a vision of commitment to finding a balance between the public's needs, political activity, and the business and social interests of its clients, while achieving significant results with professionalism, transparency and commitment, plus adherence to an ethical code.

The Gilad lobbying project is managed by leading professionals, who work with decision makers in the government administration.  The client is a partner in the process, and kept informed in real time by the project manager.  The work is based on a structured process, including involving the client in formulating objectives, choosing the strategy, analyzing the relevant political arena, and selecting opportunities for creating a change, defining timetables and measures of success, and review.

We believe that success lies in identifying the advantages in every move, for the relevant entities involved.  For that purpose, we developed our "Golden Triangle" model that examines the existence of three central foundations – the public, the economic and the political:  locating them and displaying them in a transparent and professional way to the relevant stakeholders, is the basis for success in lobbying activity.