Tuval Bar Yochai, Head of Business Operations

Tuval joined Gilad as the Senior Advisor to the Chief Business Director and as Clients Relations Manager. Currently, Tuval serves as Head of Business Operations. He leads complex negotiations, manages cross-group projects, coordinates the shared activities of the various companies in the group and takes part in the group’s brainstorming and business development, both in Israel and overseas.


Tuval has many years of experience in the general political arena and specifically in the Labor Party and the Zionist Camp.

Over the past few years, he has held several positions at the Zionist Camp and the Labor Party as a parliamentary advisor to MPs, political chief of staff for the opposition chairman, and municipal director of staff for the Labor party. During his various roles, he established firm relationships with political operatives, activists, decision makers and the municipal and political system, while gaining various skills, managing legislation processes, handling public relations, leading political and organizational systems, and advising and leading political campaigns. During 2018 Tuval assisted in managing the system and preparation for municipal elections, while leading all the internal political party campaigns.


Tuval holds a B.A. in Communications from Sapir College.