What is Lobbying to Us

By: Amir Gilad, Company Founder


Vision of Open Communication

The vision of creating open communication between society and business arenas to the elected legislators' seat, while aspiring to initiate a professional and ethical dialogue between these worlds, brought me to found "Gilad Government Relations & Lobbying" in 1997.



I believe lobbying is an ethical and professional dialogue bridging the business and social worlds and the legislature's world, with the aim of improving the country's economy and society. The dialogue, conducted with transparency and full accessibility to all criticism, has become one of the most effective and productive management tools. In Israel, as in other enlightened democratic countries in Europe and America, the open dialogue severs as change generator and catalyst for political, economic and social initiatives.


Talented and Professional Lobbyists/strong>

This dialogue is initiated by the "lobbyists", a broad team of professional, talented and highly motivated men and women, who carry it out with complete transparency and full accessibility to all public and official criticism. Together, we are able to create new processes that leads to fruitful decision making based on knowledge, information, wisdom and ambitiousness to serve the people and the state.


New Opportunity for Business and Social Bodies

Lobbying made even social sectors and business branches who previously considered themselves "distant or remote" from the legislature and government representatives, able to successfully plea their cases, clearly and fearlessly, while decision makers on their part could intelligently and without bias listen, relate, learn and make a decision.


Public Service

From our first day and steadily over the years, we endorse the values of truth, transparency and professionalism as guidelines and are proud to take an active part in major Israeli democracy developments and help promote significant legislation in issues that carry real value and benefit for the broad public. We believe we will keep participating in the future, in creating and maintaining a healthy society and strong economy, balancing the needs of the various bodies, driven by strong will and sense of mission of us all, to create a better country for its citizens.